Retreat Consulting Services

Our Retreat Consulting Services are for the leader who is planning their own event, but whom needs help periodically along the way.  Have questions on how to choose the best accommodations, hire ground transportation or find the best insurance?  We've got you covered.  Between our own years of event planning experience and access to industry related resources, we'll save you time and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Retreat Planning Services

Our Luxury Retreat Planning Service helps leaders and coaches create transformational retreats for their clients.  This all-inclusive service is for the leader who desires to provide a luxurious experience that will align with their overall business goal and outcome for their attendees. 

From the cozy mountains of Colorado to the jungles of Costa Rica to the crystal blue waters of Tulum, Mexico and everywhere in between, we can create the perfect experience to elevate your offerings.

Whether you are new to hosting retreats or a seasoned veteran, you know how long it takes to plan a trip.  Much less then creating a life-changing experience for your clients.  From the inception all the way through the wrap-up details, we cover all aspects of the process.  This allows leaders to focus on what their specialty is instead of focusing their energy on the logistics and administrative details specific to the retreat only.

We utilize private villas so your intimate events are just that…intimate. Each retreat is staffed with a private chef and staff to make sure that your attendees are well taken care of from the time they arrive until they walk out the door.  We handle all of the logistics- from booking vendors to attendee enrollment to transportation to welcome gifts and workshop materials.

Our process starts with an intake questionnaire so we can assess what you envision and then we partner with you along the way to make sure that not only are all the details are being taken care of, but that each element during the process is on-brand and in alignment with your retreat goals.  

Add on services for onsite execution.

Retreat Mentoring Services

Have you considered how you would handle unique situations that may arise during the retreat with an attendee?  Or how will you manage your energy while leading a transformative event?  Our Retreat Mentoring Services are not about planning and onsite execution, rather you hire us to attend as a Retreat Mentor. 

There are several capacities in which we can help you as a Retreat Mentor:

Space Holder

Holding space for several people over the course of a retreat can be exhausting.  If you are not adequately managing your own energy, you may find that your teachings are compromised.  Having a mentor on-site to just hold space for you and/or your attendees can keep you from being burnt out and able to focus on your true gifts.    

A Desire Map Facilitator

As a licensed Desire Map facilitator, Val can help take your guests on a guided experience through The Desire Map process by Danielle Laporte. 

When someone comes to a Desire Map workshop, it’s because they want more out of their life.  They want love, connection, the house, a promotion, a better marriage or they just want to feel good when they wake up.  Valerie helps women discover how they most want to feel and then prioritize their goals so that the journey on reaching those goals feels just as rewarding as achieving the goal itself.  Feeling good is the whole point.

Want to offer the Desire Map during your retreat?

I can provide all materials to offer a complete Desire Map workshop experience or can utilize part of the workshop elements to blend into the overall goal of the retreat teachings.  Please reach out to discuss further how you can bring the Desire Map to your next retreat!

Want more info on the Desire Map?  Check out this blog post, Desire More? Yes, You Do!