Do one or all of these things trip you up from launching your coaching business?

  • You are not feeling confident that you can actually help someone because you haven't officially worked with anyone yet

  • You don’t really know who your ideal client is or what their true pain points are (even if you've started working with clients!)

  • You are not sure how to attract clients

  • You don’t know what type of program/service to create

  • You don’t know how to make an offer

  • You don’t even know what you need to set-up a business

Let me guess. You are stuck in a place of fear, confusion and indecision? Or maybe you're spinning your wheels and not seeing the results you really desire.  #beenthere

I remember feeling exactly the same way when I first started in business. It was just masked in absorbing all the information, wasting time on creating all types of content and “working” on things- none of which were actually creating profits in my business.

Fast forward to when I was transitioning into coaching, I landed my first high paying client in 6 weeks and made 10K within the first month of that. 

📢Listen up and this is the important part!
I created those results WITHOUT having a fancy website geared toward my ideal client or WITHOUT spending weeks creating content for social media. 

I spent that time connecting with my target market, generously helping them through complimentary coaching sessions and making offers.

That is it. Sounds easy. Because it is.

And I am going to help you do exactly the same thing.


In this 12-week online group program, you will create a strong foundation so that you can confidently launch your coaching business!

What you can expect from the program:

Clarity- Get clear on who your ideal client is and how you can serve them

Connect- Learn how to connect with your ideal clients in an easy and effective way

Confidence- Put your coaching skills to use to gain confidence

Offer- Learn how to create generous offers & enroll clients into your program with ease and confidence

Ease- Learn how to manage your time & energy so you don’t experience the entrepreneur's burnout

Social Proof- Gain raving fans that lead to referrals & kickass testimonials

Community- You’ll surround yourself with other coaches who are in exactly the same place as you!  This is the “x” factor to your success!

What you’ll receive:

  • 10- Weekly Live Trainings that will cover each step in complete detail

  • 12- Weekly Q&A Calls to make sure you feel complete and work through anything that pops up

  • Guest Expert Trainings covering topics such as legal, financial, time management, sales conversations and more!

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions to help you bust through any blocks you are having

  • Private Facebook Community to bounce ideas off of each other, ask questions and stay accountable

  • Templates/Swipe Copy and Resources to keep you focused and not bogged down in the details

Program Bonus: You have an exclusive invitation to join me & my business coach, Amy Yamada, for a live 2-day training in the Seattle area on September 19th and 20th!  You’ll get the opportunity to learn from Amy and her team of incredible coaches and trainers on how to take your business to the next level.

Ready to jump in? Schedule a call with Valerie to learn more about the program! We kick-off July 15th!

Client Love

“A lot of the doubts that I had about being a coach were usually tackled as soon as I brought them up with Val, and she was always supportive of my questions and progress. She showed me the importance of what it means to have that kind of support, and I feel that if I didn't have that during these critical stages of development, that I would have let my doubts and fears get the best of me.”- Amber G.

“I have gained clarity and confidence on who I am as a coach with a niche. I am more excited about the momentum of my business that I ever have been. I feel confident that if I do the action plan laid out for me, I will be making the impact and the financial goals I have in no time! Your coaching is a perfect blend of mindset/inner work/following the beat of our own drum + strategy/action steps. I truly value Val’s authentic, generous style as a coach who prioritizes deep connections. It was really good for me to see what that looks like in a practical way because that's the kind of coach I want to be.”- Nicole P.

“Action breeds clarity! If you are just getting started this is the absolutely perfect program. I'd been beating around the bush and pretending to start businesses for over five years, thinking that all the free content out there would give me what I needed. The problem with those is that they take you down too many rabbit holes. Val gives you exactly what you need to know and do and she coaches you through your roadblocks along the way. If you want to start a coaching business, this is the only program you need. I can't recommend it enough!’- Katie T.

Meet Your Coaches

Val Cap, Business & Strategy Coach

Val Cap, Business & Strategy Coach

Kat johnson, Success & Accountability Coach

Kat johnson, Success & Accountability Coach