Fully Aligned Business Coaching


It all started when…

I was laying in bed and told my husband, "I quit".  

You see, for the 6 months prior to that night, I had spent a ton of hours, money and energy building a business that was sooo out of alignment with me that I found myself stressed out and overwhelmed before I even launched it. I had spent 6 months listening to well meaning teachers and coaches telling me all the things I needed to do to be successful. I was going to launch a podcast, start a membership site and host workshops. I was trying to implement all the strategies and NONE of them were right for me.

It wasn't that those strategies were wrong. They were just not right for how I work and who I am. They were not the right ways for me to start out of the gate with a new business.  They were not the right ways to really attract my ideal client. They were not congruent with my lifestyle.

So, I found myself feeling super anxious and not trusting my own decisions. I couldn't even make some decisions due to the overwhelm. I was missing time with my family and isolating myself from my friends because I was so busy trying to build out the business. Mind you, the one I hadn't even launched yet. I won't even get started on the investments I made.

So, as I laid in that bed next to my husband and said, "I quit", I was full of shame. Full of remorse. Full of anger. Full of worry. What was he going to say? I couldn't even bare to see his face when I told him that I was quitting the business I hadn't technically started. I was afraid of his disappointment. His potential anger. We had sacrificed as a family for this to happen. But, I knew 100% I couldn't go on building a business that was unsustainable…. a business that was so out of alignment with who I am and what my greater purpose was.  

And I quit. Afterwards, I spent months delving into deep self-care. Needing to nourish my soul and start to trust myself again. Needing to forgive myself. Needing to reconnect with my family and my friends.

Eventually, I hired a coach that holds me to a higher version of myself so I can create the impact I want to have in this world. I have an amazing set of accountability partners to call me out when I am dropping the ball (aka not honoring my business by taking action) and I have created structures and support systems in my life that allow so much more ease and flow in my personal and business life.  

Have you heard the phrase, "Your mess is your message"? 

Yep, that experience was an invaluable learning lesson. One that I carry forward to today. Let me introduce you to my signature program:

inside & out.png

The Fully Aligned Business Program is a coaching package designed for the female entrepreneur that desires to create and/or grow her business in an aligned and sustainable way.  I help my clients gain clarity through powerful brainstorming sessions so they can create goals and action steps that are in alignment with not only the way they like to do business, but that are also in alignment with their personal life and how they want to feel everyday.

The nuts and bolts:

  • 6 month program

  • 2- 1 hour calls per month

  • Unlimited Voxer (a messaging app) and email support

  • Homework from every coaching call

  • Accountability

  • Access to resources & contacts

If you are ready to step into creating alignment in your life and business, then schedule a call with me. We can brainstorm an area that you need help with the most right now. Action breeds clarity. Schedule a complimentary call now.