Hi, I'm Val Cap!

I love nothing more then connecting with women during an intimate experience.  Ya know, the circle of trust type of event.  So, after having attended my own transformational retreats, I decided to launch The Nurturing Collective in 2016. Having hosted several events such as intimate dinners, workshops and retreats, I knew helping others create their own retreats and live events was the obvious next step of marrying my event planning and business experience together.

In 2018, I expanded my coaching services to include working with heart-centered female entrepreneurs who are wanting to create a business that is not only in alignment with their greater vision, but in a way that is sustainable with their work and lifestyles. I was tired of seeing the cookie cutter approach to building businesses that just didn't work for everyone. Women are burnt out, overwhelmed and stressed trying to do all.the.things.

Ahem. Guilty of that myself, so I am the first to raise my hand. 

After my own journey of experiencing this, I realized what worked for me.   It was learning how to listen to my intuition again, having a coach rally behind my greater vision and having the support and structures in place so I COULD grow my business in a sustainable way.  

I decided that it was time for me to take a stand for not only myself, but for the purpose driven entreprenuer.  Yes, strategies are important in growing a successful business. But, the right strategies coupled with the right support will not leave you feeling completely frustrated, exhausted or wanting to throw in the towel. Instead, those structures are what allow you to create a Fully Aligned Business.

When I’m not dreaming of where I’ll travel to next or connecting with other amazing change-makers, I am spending time with my 8 year old son and my handsome husband.  I'm as equally moved by an amazing bottle of red as I am by a great fitting pair of jeans. I'd prefer to live where I can wear flip flops year round, but for now I'm livin' in the Northeast!