Action = Clarity, What's New


Last October, I co-hosted a retreat for moms in Tulum, Mexico. Wow, what an amazing experience! While I have planned 100s of events over the course of my career, this event was different. I knew something big was happening in my life the moment I landed in Tulum. I remember watching the sun come up over the horizon the morning the women were going to arrive and all I could do was cry. I cried out of gratitude for that sunrise, for the women who said "yes" to the experience, for the amazing relationship I had with my co-host, for the fact that I have had numerous people supporting my journey. I cried because I realized how fortunate I was to be sitting in a tropical location, in one of the most luxurious locations I had ever stayed.

The women who attended released a lot of limiting beliefs that was holding them back from thriving at home and in their careers. They danced under disco balls in the jungle, dove off a boat fully clothed (or in their underwear!) and watched stars shooting across the sky. While the common thread for these women was that they are moms, they bonded with each other despite their differences. Magic was created.

I had co-created exactly what I wanted for these women and to say it felt amazing is an understatement. I was fulfilled in so many ways. Overflowing even. And I got to do this with one of my favorite people on the planet, who just so happens to be an EPIC life and leadership coach for moms.

As I settled back into life at home, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to do THAT again. But like most things, you realize what worked and what you'd change. So, after a few weeks of reflection, I started crafting the ideal situation for The Nurturing Collective.

When I first launched TNC, I envisioned creating a community for women who were interested in personal growth. A place where a woman would be fully supported through sisterhood on her own path of discovering what she wanted out of life. A place where she felt nurtured…hence The Nurturing Collective.

There are few things that are as fulfilling to me as helping other women rise. Rise in their business.  Rise in their relationship to themselves and with others.  Rise while cultivating their own gifts.  Rise as leaders.  Truly rise in every aspect of their being.

Women rising is what will change this world for generations to come.

Selfishly, I know that my impact in this world will have an even greater ripple effect by partnering with leaders whose values and desires are closely aligned with help other women rise.   

I guess that is a long-winded way of saying that the mission of The Nurturing Collective is shifting. While I will still be creating the spaces for women to feel nurtured and supported, it will be through exclusively helping heart-centered coaches and leaders plan transformational retreats for their OWN communities.

This pivot has been a long time coming.  Action = clarity.  

So, leader, coach, warrior.  Are you ready to create some magic with me?